History of Pine Needle Basketry in Florida


The historic art of pine needle basketry is a very old tradition handed down through the centuries.

This art form has become almost extinct

Florida Pioneers learned this craft from the early Florida Indians who created coiled baskets using swamp grasses or pine needles stitched together with Sabal Palm fiber or animal sinew.

Southern Long Leaf Pine Trees are plentiful in Florida

Using the bounty of Southern Long Leaf Pine needles found in our area, Florida pioneers created their own coiled baskets for practical household use. Bundles of pine needles were stitched together with cotton thread, much like the Seminole Indian baskets of today. 

Fancy stitches are a distinguishing feature of pine needle baskets

The stitches used to sew pine needle coils together are delicate and varied. Two of the most frequently used stitches are the two-pointed wheat stitch (see photo) and the three-pointed fern stitch.

Antique Pine Needle Basket Restorations

In an effort to preserve the historic art of pine needle basketry, I have restored many antique baskets to their original condition.